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review - 2532 Words

This research paper will use intra-entity basis (within the company) and industry (differences between entities within the industrial product industry) analyses to examine the competitiveness of Choo Bee Metal Industries Berhad (CB). Ann Joo Resources Berhad (AJ) will be used for comparative studies. It begins with the external environment analysis, followed by industry attractiveness (Porter’s Five Forces) and SWOT analysis. The main focus is evaluating CB from the accounting management perspective. It includes horizontal analysis, vertical analysis and ratio analysis. The horizontal and vertical analyses cover income statement, statement of financial position and cash flow. The ratio analysis will examine liquidity, solvency and†¦show more content†¦For this industry, there is high market risks exposure mainly due to changes in steel raw materials and finished goods prices (Annual Report 2012). Operating Income (OI) for year 2010 and 2012 were similar, however in 2011 there was a huge increase of 88% to RM 46,483,000. However, net income of the company decreased from RM 15,796,584 to RM 9,640,000 in 2012. This is due to the impairment in goodwill of RM 87,000 relating to its subsidiary, Taik Bee Hardware Sdn. Bhd. because of the declining trading business operations (Annual Report 2012). However, comparatively to AJ, who is incurring loss in 2012, their OI dropped from RM 62,113,000 to a net loss of RM 18,867,000. The loss is mainly due to a sharp increase in COGS as severe price increase of raw materials, and a high Selling General and Admin Expenses (SGA). Although AJ’s sales is nearly half of CB’s sales for the year, but AJ SGA amounted to a high RM 84,457,000 which is almost 7 times of CB. This leads to the negative in net income for year 2012. 5.2 Statement of Financial Position Total Assets (TA) for year 2010 to 2012 were similar with minimum changes. However, there was a huge decrease in Total Liabilities (TL) from RM 51,518,054 (2010) to RM 27,533,000 in 2012. This is mainly due to the decrease in Accounts Payable (AP) of almost 58%. CB managed to settle its unsecured payables of RM 60,000 from previous year in this financial year, thus leading to a decrease in its totalShow MoreRelatedBook Review : A Review Of A Book Review1431 Words   |  6 Pages Book reviews are just that: a review of a book. They can be used for news articles, blogs, or academic journals. A book review is more than just a book report. It can give the reader more of an insight into not just the book, but the author as well. Most authors write of what they know. For example, some authors have backgrounds in law enforcement so they write about cases they know or have worked. Other authors research groups of people, for example the Knights Templar, and write of whatRead MorePeer Review825 Words   |  4 PagesENGL112 Peer Review Worksheet INSTRUCTIONS: Peer Reviews will be conducted in class discussion forums during Week 7. Be sure to review the Lecture and the Discussion area for additional details and guidance. Please complete the following steps below, returning a separate peer review worksheet for each of the two classmates whose papers you review. This assignment is worth 50 points. * You will receive 10 points for submitting your draft by the required deadline. * You will receive 20 pointsRead MoreTypes Of Peer Review : Review1158 Words   |  5 PagesTypes of peer review There are different journals which follow different types of peer review, based on the kind of research they publish as well as their journal management style. The single and double-blinded peer reviews are the most commonly adopted by many journals. In the single-blind review, the reviewer is aware of the author’s identity, but not vice versa. In the double-blind review, both the author and reviewer are not aware of the other’s identity. In the recent time, some academic journalsRead MoreTried And Tested:. The Impact Of Online Hotel Reviews On1028 Words   |  5 PagesTried and tested: The impact of online hotel reviews on consumer consideration Presented by Jinyue Wang 1000042488 Catalogue Introduction Literature review Methodology Findings Managerial Implication Supported Example 1 Introduction  · Research Gap Impacts of online reviews Researches on electronic word-of-mouth Relationships between users and contributors of review sites  · Research aim Find out the impact of online reviews to hotels’ potential consumers. i.e., their purchase decisions  · ResearchRead MoreJudicial Review2674 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction The controversy of judicial review which at extreme points, is called judicial activism, is a concept new to India. Judicial review can be defined as the judiciary, in the exercise of its own independence, checking and cross checking the working of the other organs of the government, while trying to uphold the ideal of ‘the rule of law’. Judicial activism more reformist in character is often confused with judicial review. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, judicial activismRead MoreEmployee Performance Reviews Essay1296 Words   |  6 PagesPerformance reviews are designed to both evaluate general performance and measure progress around specific goals. Both negative and positive aspects are incorporated in these reviews as they should serve as a point of reference to both look back in evaluation and ahead in anticipation. Pulling back from daily demands in order to assess and review employee performance allows managers to focus their attention on specific departments and clarify what is high priority to their company. Performance reviews alsoRead MoreOnline Teen Forum Review Essay670 Words   |  3 Pagesindividuals, presumably teens, asking for book recommendations. Other users or staff members of the site give their opinion on what book would best fit the request that the user has made. Occasionally a user will offer their opinion in the form of a book review, although it is informal and still often takes the form of a recommendation. Perhaps the best example is a post from November of last year concerning The Faults in Our Stars. In the post, the author comments on how much she enjoys the writing ofRead MoreCRITICAL APPRAISAL OF A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND NARRATIVE REVIEW3844 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND NARRATIVE REVIEW RELATED TO COMPUTERISED PHYSICIAN ORDER ENTRY SYSTEM The author of this paper is a nurse educator working in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within the north-west region of England. For the purpose of this paper, the author has chosen a systematic review (SR) and a narrative review (NR) and aims to critically analyse these reviews using the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) tool. The CASP tool has been developed by the SolutionsRead MoreWhat Is Peer Review?960 Words   |  4 PagesThe literature review What is peer review? Peer review is the evaluation of scholarly and academic articles by other researchers or scientists who are expert in the field and qualified enough to perform a reasonably neutral review. It is an indispensable part of the process of the scholarly publication. Most academic journals rely on scholarly peer review, or refereeing, to help editors evaluate the quality of articles submitted to their journals. The review process is a skill, which is learnedRead MoreEssay Literature Review1001 Words   |  5 PagesLiterature Review The purpose of this research project is for you to create a scholarly piece of graduate-level research and writing, which conforms to APA format. Competency in the APA format is required of all Business graduates of Liberty University, as set forth by policy of both the Graduate Faculty and the administration. You will research and write a literature review on a topic relevant to our course. What is a Literature Review? â€Å"A literature review discusses published information

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Workers Compensation Essay - 788 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Workers’ compensation is meant to protect employees from loss of income and to cover extra expenses associated with job-related injuries or illness. Accidents in which the employee does not lose time from work, accidents in which the employee loses time from work, temporary partial disability, permanent partial or total disability, death, occupational diseases, noncrippling physical impairments, such as deafness, impairments suffered at employer-sanctioned events, such as social events or during travel to organization business, and injuries or disabilities attributable to an employer’s gross negligence are the types of injuries and illnesses most frequently covered by workers’ compensation laws. Since 1955,†¦show more content†¦Medical expenses are usually covered in full under workers’ compensation laws. It is a no-fault system; all job-related injuries and illnesses are covered regardless of where the fault for the disab ility is placed. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Workers’ compensation coverage is compulsory in all but a few states. In these states, it is elective for the employer. When it is elective, any employers who reject the coverage also give up certain legal protections. Benefits paid are generally provided for four types of disability: permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, temporary partial disability, and temporary total disability. Before any workers’ compensation is reorganized, the disability must be shown to be work-related. This usually involves an evaluation of the claimant by an occupational physician. One major criticism of workers’ compensation involves the extent of coverage provided by different states. The amounts paid, ease of collecting, and the likelihood of collecting all vary significantly from state to state. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;After a decade of yearly double-digit increases in the cost of workers’ compensation, in the early 1990s at least 35 states began to make changes in their workers’ compensation laws. These changes included tighter eligibility standards, benefit cuts, improved workplace safety, and campaigns against fraud. Recent data indicate that these changes are paying off. The ratesShow MoreRelatedWorkers Compensation Essay2263 Words   |  10 PagesWorkers Compensation Workers compensation is meant to protect employees from loss of income and to cover extra expenses associated with job-related injuries or illness. Accidents in which the employee does not lose time from work, accidents in which the employee loses time from work, temporary partial disability, permanent partial or total disability, death, occupational diseases, noncrippling physical impairments, such as deafness, impairments suffered at employer-sanctioned events, such asRead MorePurpose Of Workers Compensation Insurance1244 Words   |  5 PagesSmall business can expect to pay around $2,000 to $3,000 in Workers Compensation Insurance premiums annually, where the premiums raise with number of covered employees. There is a minimum requirement for Employer liability coverage in Workers Compensation, required by law, of $100,000 to $500,000 per employee for body injury claims. Workers compensation insurance aims to provide coverage to employer for medical costs in the event of employee injury due to employer negligence or lawsuit from employeeRead MoreWhat Is Workers Compensation Insurance527 Words   |  2 PagesWhat is Workers Compensation Insurance ? The workers compensation insurance is a type of coverage that pays for medical services and salaries of workers injured on the job. California law requires every business to have this type of insurance for all employees . Under this law and the workers compensation coverage employees who are injured on the job can not sue the company. Business owners are required to keep their own safety in all areas of work. However, accidents can happen. In these casesRead MoreEssay about Workers Compensation Fraud1575 Words   |  7 PagesWorkers Compensation Fraud Workers Compensation is a service that provides reimbursement for lost wages to employees who have sustained injuries from work or work-related tasks. It is also one of the services that is most often the victim of fraud. Each of the three types of fraud, claimant, employer, and provider, is defined by the same characteristics, outlined by the Ohio Board of Workers Compensation: #61623; Receiving workers compensation benefits that are not entitled to the claimant; Read MoreThe Importance of Worker Compensation2541 Words   |  10 Pagesemployees. Compensation is the gratification that employees receive in exchange for their work. It is the element that allows the company to attract and retain the human resources and the employee meet their material needs, security and ego or status and varying compensation schemes acquire increasing importance in organizations. The study of Westerman et al (2009) finds that many organizations are seeking to find a competitive advantage and experimenting with new schemes of compensation, allowingRead MoreExecutive Summary : Kansas Building Industry Workers Compensation Fund2187 Words   |  9 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kansas Building Industry Workers Compensation Fund (KBIWCF) is a group self-insurance fund, this means that insureds are pooling their dollars with other members of the fund. Many of the insured’s lack a strong safety culture and in turn it ends up costing them and the KBIWCF unnecessary claims expenses. Requiring the insured’s of KBIWCF to Physical Capacity Profile test their employees would strengthen the insureds safety culture. KBIWCF’s mission is: â€Å"To operate a financiallyRead MoreThird Party Intervention Strategies Of A Workers Compensation Case From Cook County, Illinois1903 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction This paper overlooks the third party intervention strategies of a workers compensation case from Cook County, Illinois. Third party refers to a person or team of people who become involved in a conflict to help the disputing parties manage or resolve it. Third parties could act as consultants, helping one side or both sides analyze the conflict and plan an effective response. In dealing with court cases, the third party intervener has evidence and representations are taken whole takenRead MoreThe Political Economy Of The Canadian Workers Compensation System1074 Words   |  5 PagesAlberta Workers’ Compensation Board, and for the Alberta government before beginning his tenure with Athabasca University. The purpose of the book is to critically and candidly explore the way in which the Canadian government prevents workplace injuries and handles workers compensation for workplace injury; who exactly benefits from the current system; and in what ways they benefit. The Content: This book takes the reader on a logical and chronological journey of the Canadian workers’ compensationRead MoreEssay on Workers Compensation800 Words   |  4 PagesWorkers’ Compensation Workers’ compensation provides compensation benefits to employees for disabilities due to personal injury or disease sustained while in the performance of their duty. The purpose of Alabama’s Workers’ Compensation laws is to ensure proper payment of benefits of employee’s injuries on the job or who contract a work related illness and encouraged safety in the workplace. These benefits include payment of medical expenses and compensation for wages loss. Dependents are alsoRead MoreThe Workers Compensation Benefits1887 Words   |  8 Pagesripping off his arm below the elbow (Grabell et al.). Little did Whedbee know that the worst was yet come when he would struggle with laws restricting his workers’ compensation benefits for years to come. Whedbee is not the only one who has faced these difficulties. Over the past few decades, states have been dismantling America’s workers’ compensation standards to benefit the employer, and not the employee, and this has resulted in disastrous consequences for many people, such as Dennis Whedbee, who

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Argument for Welfare in the United States Essay - 841 Words

Can a single mother of three working full time for minimum wage afford to pay by herself for food, clothing, transportation, childcare, occupational training and medical care? Without government aid, the obvious answer is no. Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), as described by Robert Kuttner, is a government aid program designed to help all of the working poor rise out of poverty. It includes tuition reimbursements, wage supplements, and above all, childcare? (Kuttner). It creates a more equal opportunity for those at a disadvantage to improve themselves and their situation. TANF, which limits the time families can remain on welfare, appears to be a smashing success (Cohn). First, if eligibility were to become stricter, seeking†¦show more content†¦(Dr. Adams). Citing the aforementioned requirements, it is obvious that making eligibility stricter would not help, but, for three specific reasons, would instead hurt the nation?s welfare system. First, if the government were to make welfare eligibility stricter it would impede on the attempts of those below the poverty line trying to find a job. TANF ?can free up additional dollars for work related expenses and other basic needs and thus aid families? efforts to move from welfare to work? (Sard and Daskal). It is needed to help pay for those ?necessities that often accompany employment, such as additional clothing and food costs, child care, and transportation to and from work? (Sard and Daskal). The program does not just hand out money, but provides the aid needed to ?achieve self-sufficiency? through employment (Cohn). Without the additional money for clothing, food costs, child care, and transportation, an individual would not be able to maintain employment and abide by the TANF requirements. It is evident that TANF is necessary for those individuals that live in poverty and are seeking employment. If the requirements were to become stricter, the number of the employed a nd those living below the poverty line would increase simultaneously. Second, those in need cannot become productive members of society if an education or occupational training is not inShow MoreRelatedU.s. Salmon Aquaculture : Ethical Issues1390 Words   |  6 PagesU.S. Salmon Aquaculture: Ethical Issues in Farmed Salmon Kimberly Jones Troy University Dr. Miller â€Æ' Abstract There are many ethical arguments surrounding aquaculture. The salmon industry in the United States has many ethical concerns in relation to farmed salmon. This paper will first discuss the salmon industry, then discuss specific ethical issues facing farmed salmon, and finally review any laws, regulations or relief efforts in place to reduce these ethical concerns, or that aggravate theseRead MoreWelfare Is Not Solving Poverty923 Words   |  4 PagesRonald Reagan said, â€Å"Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.† Welfare is not solving Poverty in America. Before I start this argument I need to assert that I do not think that welfare is a matter of solving poverty anymore. I agree with Ban Ki-Moon when he says, â€Å"True security is based on people’s welfare.† Welfare has become a way of keeping the impoverished people from becoming desperate enough to commit crimes, but within this system, thatR ead MoreWelfare And The Government s Contribution Towards Poverty1266 Words   |  6 Pagesan opinion about welfare and the government’s contribution towards alleviating poverty. Amongst all these opinions, a person can get confused on what is fact and fiction, who is right and who is wrong. However, with actual data accredited to unbiased sources, and references to qualified studies, I have confounded enough evidence to support my claim. I found that despite opinions, according to the facts, welfare does help alleviate poverty. According to the article Ending Welfare as We Know It: ARead MoreWelfare Recipients Should Be Periodically Tested for Drugs822 Words   |  3 Pages In today’s society about 12,800,000 people are supported by government welfare programs for help with their financial necessities. The argument everyone is making nowadays, is whether or not they should be drug testing recipients of welfare. I agree with this strongly because I know that if I were paying taxes on this program I would not want someone going out and abusing this privilege on drugs. People collecting welfare, or other government assistance, should be drug tested because if they areRead MoreShould Drug Testing Welfare Recipients?1679 Words   |  7 Pagespositive for drugs should be able to receive welfare. It was an argument that flooded social media, arguments filling comments with opinions. It is a subject that continues to be discussed within our peer groups, our communities, and our states. This paper will disc uss the opinions of individual’s within the country, the beneficial factors of drug testing welfare recipients as well as the unbeneficial factors, as well as who decides if drug testing welfare recipients goes into effect or not. So whatRead MoreFree And Accessible Birth Control1722 Words   |  7 PagesFree and Accessible Birth Control in the United States A total of 730,322 abortions were reported from the Centers for Disease Control in 2011. This could easily be resolved with proper usage of birth control. But the fact of the matter is that only 62% of women are actually using proper birth control, now this may seem like a lot of women, but there is 158.6 million women in the United States alone so 58.5 million are currently not on any birth control which is a huge amount of women. BirthRead MoreAmerica s Domestic Markets Against Foreign Traders1749 Words   |  7 Pagesquantity of foreign products that can enter a country’s domestic markets. Several arguments have been raised regarding reasons for protecting domestic markets against foreign traders. Nonetheless, protectionism is characterized by several welfare consequences. The arguments for protectionism can be categorized into economic and non-economic. The economic arguments mostly focus on national welfare. On the other hand, arguments for non-economic protectionism are based on national interests. This paper evaluatesRead MoreArgument Against Birthright Citizenship : Chain Migration1485 Words   |  6 Pages Arguments Against Birthright Citizenship: Chain Migration One major point policymakers argue against birthright citizenship is the fact that it incentivizes illegal immigration and can lead to a never ending series of chain migration. Chain migration occurs when the child can sponsor their parents and apply for their legal citizenship in the United States. Once the child turns 18, they can sponsor a foreign spouse and unmarried children of his own. When they turn 21, they can sponsor their parentsRead MoreThe United Tariff System Of Bigger Nations890 Words   |  4 Pagesthe extra cost due to high prices of goods resulting in them being price takers in the world market (Carbaugh, 2013). Since the smaller less developed nations cannot impact the world price on goods they end up with a larger impact to their overall welfare making it harder for them to move into a developed industrial nation (Daniels VanHoose, 2004). Tariffs hold smaller nations back because the high prices impacts the amount of imports that the smaller nation can bring in resulting in fewer optionsRead MoreWelfare and Pogressive Tax Rates Essay example1588 Words   |  7 PagesA government’s effectiveness is based upon how well it is able to help its people on all spectrums of society so I believe that the United States should adopt certain aspects of a welfare state similar to the Europeans and also have more progressive tax rates. I believe that universal health care and education are essential parts in a welfare state while some other programs like unemployment benefits are not as important. First I will first explain why the government has a moral responsibility to

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Ethical Marketing and the new Consumer

Question: Critically analyse the ethics of at least three of the following marketing elements for your chosen organisation, drawing on relevant frameworks, tools, guidelines and regulations. Answer: Introduction The report identifies the ethical issues of apple by critically analyzing the marketing activities of it using range of tools and framework. Three marketing elements have been considered for the assignment: Target marketing, product or service and Price. Target marketing Teenagers are the target market of the Apple. The core reason behind focusing teenagers is that this age group socializes with friend more and adapts the change, innovation and technology easily. The decision of making teenagers as target market raises question on ethical target marketing of Apple. According to the Arnold (2009), if a company targets a specific group for advertising their product in target market than it is ethical. However, if vulnerable population such as children and teen agers (Low income but easy to manipulate) is one of the inclusion criteria in decision making then it would be considered as unethical target marketing. Businesses such as Apple are using innovation and technology to make money only by influencing the teenagers to stay updated in era of android phones and apps. The company has is targeting a specific group which has low income and the use of product or services in their life is not important. Apple has been releasing new versions and androids every year, and they are skilled enough to make up their consumers mind for buying the new product. According to the Ingram (2000), the vulnerable population or target market includes consumers with less maturity to make an informed purchase. Teenagers dont have maturity to understand what functions of products they are buying is useful for them and whether it is useful for them or not. They just buy it on the basis of trend and influencing such target market is unethical. Product or services According to the kotler, a product is more than a tangible thing. He identifies the abstract value of a product with its levels that can be developed and identified. These levels help to see product from the perception of consumer. These levels help to identify the level where actual value is more than the expected value which reflects in customer satisfaction. Apple provides so many products and services to its customers. The classification has been done on android phones of apple. Mentioned below are the five levels of Apple product in Kotler classification matrix. Core product: The level identifies the core purpose for which the product has been developed. The core benefit that smart phone provides to customers is mobile operating system where customers can perform tasks they have been doing on desktop. The main feature is small in size, performs as operating system as well as mobile phone. The ethical issue that has been brought in development of core product of Apple are associated with supplier management. According to the report published by BBC, the company has been found with poor working condition of workers at china. According to the report, one worker had to work 18 days continuously to develop the parts of product despite of continuous request to take off (BBC news, 2016). The Actual product After the core product is been built the actual product defines the benefits of core product which helps in competition because these features differentiates the product from the competitors. There are so many product attributes that needs to be considered under the actual product. Apple has been leader in identifying new features in the market which has been giving competitive advantage to it. The core attributes are : brand name, styling and safety. The brand name of apple is vital in gadget market. Everyone prefers to buy from inventor and so the apple has been. The styling of the product has been done to attract teenagers. The more focus has been given in identifying new features rather than its value to the customers. It is the brand name that is making more money for it. There are two types of customers one in internal and other is external. Apple has been taking care of external customers safety but not with internal products. There are so many ethical issues has been identifi ed regarding working conditions of apple that signifies that companys product development has unethical practices which directly impacts it brand value and will affect its position in the market if these practices are not handled well. The Augmented product Consumers are not satisfied with core benefit of actual product rather they are satisfied with total product which includes after sales activities such as service, installation, delivery and warranty. Product augmentation is the key of success in todays market. The marketing agendas of Apple are to identify the most attractive benefits of total product that can delight the consumer instead of just satisfaction. Apple provides warranty, after sales services, instruction and guidelines about how to use product along with 24 hours technical support. The main problem with apple is that each and every augmentation increases the cost of the product and so the customers have to face to purchase the product. There are so many augmentations in apple products that may not be required by its customers but they have to pay for it because they want apple brand. So apple is using its brand value to manipulate and force its customers to buy apple products which is unethical practice. Apple is makin g some kind of pressure in its marketing activities to use latest technology to stay up to date in business society and pressurizing customers is unethical in marketing (Carnegiecouncil.org, 2016). Price Apple has been manipulating its customers physiologically to spend money on its product. Social status is core benefit that has been used by the apple to market its new launches. The company has been launching its new models every year without modifying it significantly. Apple customers were continuously brainwashed to buy new latest model every year to stay updated. However, it was a marketing stunt by apple to make people fool to spend more money on apple products. Apple has also been criticized for price reduction which is also a marketing stunt. For example, the iphone cost was cut down after 2 months of release and the reduction was of 200 USD that lead to several complaints to Apple. As people who have purchased the model was feeling cheated. The incident defines genuine pricing has not been applied by the apple. Apple then rectified the issues by offering 100 USD off to next apple purchase to early Iphone customers. References Ingram, W. (2000). Consumers' evaluation of unethical marketing behaviors. Lexington, Ky.: [publisher not identified]. Arnold, C. (2009). Ethical marketing and the new consumer. Chichester, U.K.: Wiley. Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers' - BBC News. (2016). BBC News. Retrieved 19 July 2016, from https://www.bbc.com/news/business-30532463 Two Faces of Apple. (2016). Carnegiecouncil.org. Retrieved 19 July 2016, from https://www.carnegiecouncil.org/publications/ethics_online/0068.html

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How do Jacobs and Dickens create a foreboding atmosphere and build up tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Signalman Essay Example

How do Jacobs and Dickens create a foreboding atmosphere and build up tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Signalman Paper The main idea of a mystery story is to give the readers something to wonder about. You have to give them the clues one by one and lead your reader to a conclusion they werent expecting. A good mystery story will keep a reader guessing until they see the final twist and then everything they didnt understand before fits into place. This is definitely true in The Signalman. One of the techniques that Dickens uses to create a feeling of uneasiness and tension can be seen right from the very beginning. In the very first paragraph there is a sense of the unexplained: There was something remarkable in his manner of doing so (instead of the signalman looking up to where the narrator stood, he turned himself about, and looked down the Line. ), though I could not have said for my life, what. The vocabulary Dickens uses also adds to the atmosphere and it is well worth a close look at this. Words such as violent, clammier and earthly dead smell build up the sense that the narrator is in a dangerous location and that something terrible is about to happen. This sort of language use can be found throughout the tale. The angry sunset Dickens describes adds to the effect, as does the clammy and wet stones of the way down. These are indicative of a ghost story, and even the tunnel is described in such a way as to make us wonder about it. The description of the tunnel itself could very well remind us of the mouth of hell, which is appropriate because of what happens later in the story. terminating in a gloomy red light, and gloomier entrance to a black tunnel, in whose massive architecture there was a barbarous, depressing, and forbidding air. So little sunlight ever found its way to this spot, that it had an earthy deadly smell; and so much cold wind rushed through it, that it stuck chill to me, as if I had left the natural world. Charles Dickens uses repetition quite a lot to build up the feeling of fear and uneasiness, and this is particularly effective at the end. There is also the description of place, and the damp unpleasantness like he has left the natural world. The colors he uses are often associated with evil, such as red and black, and its with language like this that Dickens makes the audience uneasy and feeling that something is about to go wrong. We will write a custom essay sample on How do Jacobs and Dickens create a foreboding atmosphere and build up tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Signalman specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on How do Jacobs and Dickens create a foreboding atmosphere and build up tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Signalman specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on How do Jacobs and Dickens create a foreboding atmosphere and build up tension in The Monkeys Paw and The Signalman specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Any comments on words such as monstrous will be useful, as will the miming of the actions. That is quite a visual effect and gives the full eerie effect at the end when the signalman dies. The repetition of words and phrases adds to the uneasiness of the story Below there! Look out! Look out! For Gods sake, clear the way! The use of the references to the supernatural and the story the signalman tells all add to the feeling of fear. Even the narrator says that he felt a slow touch of a frozen finger tracing out my spine. These are techniques in ghost stories, made more chilling by the fact that they are foreshadowing what is to come. Everything about the place and the signalman seems to be unnatural and uneasy. The spot is isolated and the feeling of fear and unease is built up by the speakers comments: The monstrous thought came into my mind as I perused the fixed eyes and the saturnine face, that this was a spirit, not a man. The signalmans behavior is at times inexplicable and this is contrasted with the exactness with which he does his job. There is definitely something odd about him. His manner seemed to make the place strike colder to me. The man himself is most mysterious, and the narrator was uncertain of whether he was man or spirit or even slightly disturbed because, there was something in the man that daunted me. All this contributes to the building of the tension, as does the eeriness of the signalman believing that he had seen the narrator before, despite the narrators certainty that he had never been there. The signalman himself even suggests some supernatural connection part way into the story. The draw of the signalman is so great that the narrator goes back to hear more. For the first time the specific reference to the gesture of waving frantically to clear the way becomes so important. The signalmans story is chilling. The language is indicative of a ghost story, like damp stains, frozen finger tracing my spine, disagreeable shudder. There are also rational explanations for what had happened. The tales of the appearances of the spectre are fearful, as are the narrators reactions, such as pulling his chair back from the floorboards where the young lady was laid. The wind, personified as wailing, also adds to the effect of the story. There is conflict between what the two people heard and saw the previous evening, but both agree that the spectre is not there now. The signalman gains empathy because he is aware that danger is imminent but he is powerless to do anything. Another technique that is used to prolong the suspense is the fact that the narrator could not see anyone nor hear the bell ring when the signalman claimed the spectre was there. The dismissing of events as a coincidence builds up tension, as we feel sure he is going to be proven wrong. The twist in the tale is so effective because everything has been building towards this, but we did not fully understand what was to happen. The third evening concludes the story. The narrator sees the figure waving in the mouth of the tunnel, but it is not supernatural: The nameless horror that oppressed me, passed in a moment, for in a moment I saw that this appearance of a man was a man indeed. The way Dickens talks directly to the audience in this story, is a good way of fully involving the reader in the mystery. It raises questions that he then leaves unanswered and unravels later. The death was that of the signalman himself, and the visions he had seen had been the premonition of his own death. There is the repetition of the action and also of the words that the signalman said were haunting him. The Monkeys Paw is based upon the unexpected happenings of a supernatural tale. Mr. White meets up with an old war buddy and invites him to his home for an evening visit. The purpose is to complete a story he had told of a monkeys paw and an old fakir. Sergeant-Major Morris has brought the paw with him and tells the story. At the beginning of the story, the mood is mysterious and ominous, created by these details: a cold, wet night; a house in an out-of-the-way place; a visitor tells of faraway places and strange events. Mr. White, his wife and son soon learn that the soldier had his three wishes granted and would rather have the paw destroyed than pass it on to anyone else. When pressed for more details he tells his hosts that the first owner used his third wish to wish for death and that was how he came into possession of the paw. With that he tosses the paw into the fireplace, but Mr. White rushes to the hearth and retrieves it before it is completely destroyed. The soldier leaves and warns them to wish for something sensible. At the sons urging, the father wishes for some money (two hundred pounds). Nothing immediately happens and they turn in for the night. Of course, only trouble can follow. Sergeant- Major Morris has warned the White family that the wishes come true almost like a coincidence, and his reactions to the paw show he is afraid of what it can do he throws it on the fire to destroy it, he turns white when he is telling of its history and is frightened when Mrs. White makes the joke about wishing for four pairs of hands. Once the wish has been made and the paw moved, we fear that gaining the two hundred pounds is not going to be a positive experience for the Whites. The story is neatly divided in three sections and primarily deals with three characters -Mr. White, his wife and their son. In the first section we are introduced to the wish motif and the family makes their first wish. In the second half they make their second wish. In the third and eeriest portion the husband ends their ordeal with a final wish -the only wise wish the family ever made. The old fairy tale motifs are all present and indeed Mrs. White at one point says Sounds like the Arabian Nights. There is some making fun of the whole idea and we get the idea that the family does not totally believe in the powerful magic they have come into contact with. Jacobs describes the son as frivolous and he mocks the idea by telling his father to wish to be an emperor to escape his nagging wife, Mrs. White asks the husband to wish her to have four hands and they all laugh at the prospect of getting what one truly desires. The reader knows only too well that this family is doomed. The foreshadowing events the author uses to prepare the reader for the events to come are: Morris says the paw has a spell on it -foreshadows negative reactions once someone wishes upon it, perhaps even Herberts death; Morris presses Mr. White to throw the paw away which foreshadows bad things to come, including Herberts Death, Herbert sees a vision in the fire and feels a shiver when he grasps the paw which foreshadows his own demise. When Mr. Mrs. White realize that in following the sons suggestion for money they have altered their lives in a horrible way they panic. The money comes to them as compensation for a horrible accident at the factory where their son worked. He has died at the hands of the machinery. Mrs. White immediately wants to wish her son back to life and runs to find the paw. There is a struggle and an argument. The family is beginning to learn that there is strange magic at bother, that they truly can defy the laws of nature. The husband is reluctant but is powerless at the maniacal urging of his wife and when he refuses to make the wish she does so herself. To some extent The Monkeys Paw depends on horror brought about through the death of a main character in the story. Herbert is killed in an accident because of the first wish and we experience revulsion at the thought of him being brought back to life. The story builds up to a climax at the end, and although we understand what will happen next, it has far more impact being left at the pinnacle of the action. It is at this point that Jacobs uses the best tool of the writer of a ghost story -the power of suggestion. We feel the terror of the husband and know the longing of the wife for her son. The terrible knocking at the door, the fact that the wife rushes downstairs while the reader remains upstairs with the husband who dare not move from his spot. While he envisions what must have happened to his son, remembering the accident and imagining something hideous crawling out of a fresh grave, his wife frantically tries to open the door but has trouble with the bolt. The reader is wondering as well: Will she see her son? What will happen to her? What kind of family will they be with a dead son returned from the grave? The word it implies that Mr. White believes whatever is on the other side of the door is not human. He believes perhaps it is his sons dead corpse. The word it creates suspense and a sense of fear. The husband at last makes the final and inevitable wish -the only sensible wish made while the paw was theirs those brief fateful days. And the story ends with an eerie image complete with a poignant sound effect that sends a final frisson up your spine: A cold wind rushed up the staircase and a long loud wail of disappointment and misery from his wife gave him courage to run down to her side, and to the gate beyond. The street lamp flickering opposite shone on a quiet and deserted road. It is certain that the echo of that misery-filled wail reached all the way to the cemetery where no doubt it settled like a mournful shroud on the still undisturbed grave of their hapless son.

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The KKK essays

The KKK essays The Ku Kux Klan was formed as a social club by a group of Confederate Army Veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee around 1865. A Confederate General, Nathan Bedford Forrest, was the klans first leader, whose title was Grand Wisard. White superiority was the philosophy of the Klan. And they would often use violence and terrorization of blacks as means of exercising this philosophied superiority. The Klan hated the idea of blacks getting any rights following the Civil War into the Reconstruction, and terrorized blacks to prevent them from voting in elections or practicing any other right. Blacks and white sympathizers were threatened, beaten or even murdered by the black Klan members in the South: the Klan used now familiar white robes and hoods to mask their identity.The Ku Klux Klan bacame known as the Invisible Empire as it grew and spread rapidly.(altered.com/dengue/kkk/history.html, pg1) There were social, political, and economical forces that led to the increase of the Ku Klux Klan acti vity during the 1920s. Many social forces existed that led to an increase in Klan membership in the 1920s William J. Simmons, a former Methodist preacher, organized a new Klan in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 1915 as a patriotic, Protestant traternal society. This new Klan directed its activity against, not just blacks, but any group it considered un- American, including new immigrants, Jews, and Roman Catholics. The Ku Klux Klan grew rapidly from here and had more than 2 million members by the mid- 1920s ncrease in Klan membership in the 1920s. (http://altered.com/dengue/kkk/history.html). The klan aimed to alienate non-whites and other religious groups from the rest of American society. The klan was a hate group and displayed their hatred by killing thousands of people and destroying the lives of many others The klan was based in the South, but spread their hate across America. (M...

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Interest and Exchange Rates Influence on Multinational Corporations Essay

Interest and Exchange Rates Influence on Multinational Corporations - Essay Example Interest rates play an important part in investment and saving decisions. Interest rates are the main instrument of central banks to conduct their monetary policies. Interest rates have impact on foreign exchange rates. Higher relative interest rates (↑) attract higher financial investments in the short-run due to expectations for higher returns. The simplest way to explain this is to compare bank interest rates between two countries. If, in UK interest rates for deposits are 5%, compared to US deposit interest rates of 3%, then it will be economically sound for businesses to transfer their bank accounts to UK banks for higher returns. This, in turn will increase demand for UK currency, also increasing supply of US dollars. Increased demand will increase the value of the UK pound as compared to the US dollar, thus positively influencing the foreign exchange rate of the pound (↑). On the other hand, expectations for future changes also influence exchange rates. Higher interest rates (↑) have negative long-run effect on investment decisions of international businesses. Although higher interest rates attract more bank deposits, they are associated with unfavourable business situation and higher business risks for returns on investments; therefore they result in higher cost of capital (Barron’s, 1994, cited by Murphy, 1996). Since businesses worldwide are highly dependent on loan conditions, it is economically justified for businesses to invest in regions where business climate is securer, i.e. interest rates are lower.